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Plone training in Stockholm, Sweden

The course has been moved from London to Stockholm, due to not enough participants for the London course. To contact us, use the feedback form at the bottom of this page, or e-mail .

The location for the course will be in central Stockholm.

New in this course is the inclusion of Dexterity content types and exercises with Diazo.

What: Plone training
When: Jul 02, 2013 04:00 to
Jul 04, 2013 09:00
Where: Stockholm Sweden
Contact Name: Jorgen Modin
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: +44 (0) 203 23 99 042
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"Exhaustive Plone coverage, flexible approach, friendly atmosphere. 5 out of 5"
Filip Skibinski - Motor Transport Insitute, Warsaw, Poland

"Very well delivered, nice environment."
Ian Ripping - Web Support Officer (NHS CFH)

"An excellent course, I learnt a great deal, the clear and friendly teaching style allowed me to gain a much greater understanding of Plone and the ZMI, which has already been useful in my work. The handouts and course folder were also well produced and I will refer back to them as I continue to learn more about Plone."
John Pilbeam, Web Development Manager
Forced Migration Online, University of Oxford

"It was a very good insight to the workings of Plone, especially where we have had a custom built site."
Wendy Parry - St Bede's School

"Jorgen communicates his passion for plone for three solid days, leaving just enough room for other subjects over lunch. He really shone though, in responding to questions and addressing the needs of everyone in the class."
Matthew Slater, Shelter Centre, Cambridge

"It was a very useful course, covering much ground, taught in a friendly and informal manner. Very good. 5 out of 5."
Tom Pelly, Systems Developer,
Cambridge Assessment, University of Cambridge

"The course was an excellent introduction to Plone and didn’t waste any time on useless information. We had no prior exposure to any of the associated technologies other than HTML and it has given us a good basic understanding of the product and architecture. We are in a position to go off, and through self-study, expand our working knowledge of Plone/Zope/Python"
William Spillane, Technical Lead,
Parity Solutions, Belfast

"I found Jörgen and Webworks people very friendly and knowledgeable, I was always able to ask questions and always got the answer to my problems."
Pascal Dall'aglio, Analyst/Programmer,

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GBP 1300.00

Express registration (after June 11)          

GBP 1500.00

Both Plone 3 and Plone 4 will be covered in the course.

If the dates and/or the contents of the course do not fit your needs, we are happy to do:

  • on-site training and
  • customised courses

Please contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Enclose your contact information so we can reach you.

Course contents

An introductory look at  Plone

  • Documents
  • Users
  • Collections
  • Portlets
  • Workflows
  • Rules
  • Keywords
  • Folder sharing

Plone is built on Zope and CMF

  • Introduction to Zope
  • The ZMI (Zope Management Interface)
  • The acquisition machinery
  • Interfaces and adapters
  • Users and Permissions


Development and deployment overview

  • Eggs
  • Buildout
  • Subversion

Plone in the ZMI

  • Tabs in the ZMI
  • Tools in the ZMI
  • Introduction to some important tools
    • portal_catalog
    • portal_actions
    • portal_workflow
    • portal_setup
    • portal_types

Users and permissions in Zope

  • Permissions
  • New roles
  • Local roles

Users and permissions in Plone

  • Users
  • Local assignment of roles
  • Groups
  • It's all in the workflow in plone

Changing the look and feel of Plone

ZPT - Zope Page templates
    • TAL
      • A namespace of its own
      • tal:replace
      • tal:content
      • tal:repeat
      • tal:define
      • tal:condition
    • TALES
      • path expressions
      • python expressions
      • string expressions
    • METAL
      • macros
      • slots
      • How to define and use macros
      • How to use and define slots
      • Make a master page
      • Make portlets or "blurbs"
      • Plone 3 portlets
    • Providers instead of macros


    • Where they are
    • What they do
    • Precedence
    • Which template to change
    • Other things than layout in portal_skins
      • Code
      • Properties


  • Views
    • Viewlets
    • Portlets



  • How to write a document type for Plone with Dexterity or Archetypes
    • Different kinds of fields and widgets
    • Get information into fields automatically
    • References
    • Make folderish objects
    • Introduction to buildout
    • Introduction to subversion

Specific examples

  • How to write a tool
  • How to write a new rule


  • Customize a workflow in the ZMI
  • Add a workflow through a Product

Adapters, Rules and Events

  • Event handlers
  • Content rules
  • An additional place for page templates and customisations
  • Three new roles
  • Working with adapters

Make Plone go faster

  • ZEO setup
    • Load balancing
  • Upgrading to Plone 4
  • Caching
    • In Plone
    • Varnish

Skinning and integration

  • Skinning with Diazo

Contact us

The people working in Webworks Sverige AB are:

  • Johan Bergkvist
  • Jorgen Modin
  • Robin Harms Oredsson
  • Uno Engborg

We are based in Stockholm, Lund and Malmö in Sweden. You can reach us via e-mail at, and snail mail can be sent to Webworks Sverige AB, Bohusvägen 3, 222 25 Lund. You may also use the contact form below.

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