We have succefully cross published apps on iOS, Android and the web, using the Phonegap/Cordova framework, and we can assist you in doing the same. Send an e-mail to jorgen@webworks.se, or use our contact form to contact us about consulting and training.

By using HTML5 and javascript technology it is possible to use the same development team, to deliver solutions for

  • the web,
  • for Android phones and tablets
  • for IOS phones and tablets.
  • Windows Phone/8, Blackberry and more

Phonegap/Cordova is a free development platform supported by the Apache foundation and by Adobe.

We can, among other things, assist you with consulting and training about:

Facebook integration

Web interfaces for the phone and tablet

  • High latency
  • prefetching and caching
  • localstorage
  • Smaller screens
  • Touch based
  • Drag and drop
  • Technologies
    • The jquery route
    • jquery UI, jquery mobile, jquery touch punch

Selling apps

  • Preview/demo
  • In-app purchasing

Multi player options

Protecting your code and data

  • Safest: Put a little something server side
  • A measure of protection: Client side techniques
    This will only delay, but that is worth something too
    • Obfuscation of code
    • Google closure compiler
    • Extents files
    • Encryption of data
      • Placing the key in javascript
      • Placing the key in Java/Objective C code with a plugin
      • Performance and choice of different encryption libraries
        • forge.js