Sample Apps:


After unlock

After unlock logo After unlock QR

Android app  that makes it possible to select any installed app to run automatically when you unlock your screen. This is perfect to e.g. launch your dialer app to always be ready to dial, or your music player...

To make sure the app not gets in the way when you answer incoming calls, the app needs permissions to check your phone status.

Encyclopedia quiz 1911

IOS and Android tablet app that is a board game available here:

 Test your knowledge against the Encyclopaedia Britannica 1911 edition in a board game format. English Encyclopedia Quiz is a quiz with four skill levels, from a basic level suitable for practicing basic English skills, all the way up to the most difficult level which will be challenging even for a very educated person with a huge vocabulary.

Instant Dialing

Instant dialing icon Instant dialing QR

Android app that starts the dialer when you unlock the screen, making it possible to quickly dial a phone number. The functionality of the app can be turned on and off by clicking the checkbox in the app. To minimize the number of clicks needed the app automatically closes when you check or uncheck the checkbox.
The app needs permissions to monitor the phone call status to be able to distinguish between incoming and outgoing calls.


Even though iPhone users no longer constitutes the majority of the smartphone users, they are often willing to pay premium prices for premium products.


Today Android is the most common smartphone OS, and it is still gaining marketshare at a rapid pace. Applications can be distributed through Googles Android Market, but it is also possible to use third party distribution channels such as Slideme or Amazon or you could just let people download your app from your own company website. This means that you don't need approval of your app from Google or anybody else to distribute an Android app.

Android applications are developed in Java and compiled to the Dalvik virtual machine. By using Android java, it is possible to make full use of the Android operating system.

Phonegap /Cordova

By using HTML5 technology with Phonegap and Cordova, it is possible to use the same development team, to deliver solutions for:

  • The web
  • Android phones and tablets
  • IOS phones and tablets.

We have deployed apps written with Phonegap on both Android and iOS.


Appcelerator Titanium

By using Appeclerator Titanium, native iPhone and Android Application can be crated from a common code base. The code is written in compiled Javascript that creates Objective-C and Android Java code that in turn makes up the iPhone or Android application. The business logic usually can be shared without modification between platforms, while it is still possible to make platform specific changes to user inteface code to create the best native experience possible.

The Titanium development environment is open source. This means that it is possible to extend both the build environment, written in Python, and the sdk modules that interaces with the devices (in Java or Objective-C). A project built in Titanium can also be imported directly into Apple XCode so that development can continue in Objective-C. Webworks can offer Certified Titanium Appcelerator developers.